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Pay Per Click Marketing

Guaranteed search engine visibility

One of the great benefits of the Pay Per Click (PPC) approach to search engine promotion is that of guaranteed visibility. This is the main advantage of this approach over search engine optimisation. It is a very fair system too - a great way to pay for your advertising. In a newspaper you pay for the readership, but with PPC you pay for actual visitors to your website.

web2market are certified Google Partners. To become a Partner with Google you must conform to many standards set by Google, including historical good practice and passing Google exams, which demonstrate in-depth knowledge of AdWords.

We run PPC marketing campaigns for many companies. Should we be running your campaign?

Pay Per Click PPC management

Why ask web2market to manage your pay per click campaign(s)?

  • we will bring to your website(s) new pre-qualified customers/clients every month
  • we are able to maximise your marketing spend because we have a good understanding of the Pay Per Click (PPC) systems
  • we save you time and money by becoming your external marketing team and work hard to provide you with excellent return on investment. Our experience has shown us that campaigns are often wasting 90% of the click budget! We remove that waste.
  • we provide you with proactive recommendations and ongoing feedback for increasing your website audience. Every month or two, we call to discuss your campaign in order to improve it.

Free Google AdWords credit

As a member of the Google Certification programme we are able to offer new customers £75 free AdWords credit. Speak to us to claim your £75 FREE Google AdWords credit.

Google AdWords campaign reviews cut your costs

We offer a Google AdWords Campaign Review service to assess and improve the effectiveness of your existing Google AdWords campaign. We have on several occasions been able to reduce wasted spend by up to 90%. Many clients benefit from having Google AdWords certified professionals review their campaign(s) in order to maximise effectiveness. We will be pleased to, improve the advert copy, organise the keywords into higher performing groups, trim poorly performing keywords and review the overall Google AdWords Quality Score for your campaigns, thereby increasing your click through rate, reducing cost per click and your cost per acquisition.

You can choose from a Google AdWords review and recommendations, a review and implementation package or we can review and then provide training for you to implement the recommendations and improve the campaign(s) in-house.

web2market complies with the Google AdWords "Working with Third-Parties" guide.

We also offer unsponsored organic search engine optimisation for your website which can run alongside your sponsored website marketing.

web2market have been successfully providing pay per click marketing services for clients in and around Cambridge, Peterborough and Huntingdon for 15 years.

To discuss your Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing needs call us on 01480 878 510 or complete our enquiry form.

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