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If you take your website strategy seriously, you will be planning for a mobile site. Over the next few years, browsing from mobile phones and tablets will continue to increase and the user experience will become even more important. Here is an article about the increasing popularity of mobile websites.

Your mobile site is often an important part of your business' web strategy.

We will work with you on the layout and content for your mobile site to ensure that the experience for your mobile users is as good, or better, than the desktop equivalent (if you have one). We create mobile sites for most of our clients with varying requirements:

  • Ecommerce mobile sites where the the need to be able to shop and checkout easily is vitally important
  • Information based websites where the need to find information or search a database is a priority
  • Mobile application based websites where a mobile app is unnecessarily expensive to implement and maintain and a mobile website proves much more cost effective in the short and longer term

Have a read of this article for an example of a responsive mobile website. Contact us to discuss your mobile plans - give us a call or use the form here.

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