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New Logo development

You will be well aware that most businesses need a logo in support of their brand to help communicate the values, to introduce colour, to be familiar. Your business is no different. Be it a first logo or a new logo in support of a new brand (service or product), web2market have created for many companies a logo that supports, reinforces and excites.

Come and take a look at some of our logo work in our portfolio.

Logo evolution

You may be aware that most logos do NOT stand the test of time! Most logos need to be modernised in order to match their changing environment. Let's take the Shell logo. It has changed 10 times since 1900!

Does your logo need updating to match its environment or re-focus its portrayal of the brand? If you are unsure, come and talk to us and we can review the logo and its ability to support the brand in today's market. We have evolved many logos to allow them to present the businesses more favourably in a changing environment.

Rest assured that modernising a logo does not mean loosing brand identity. Usually what is required is evolution, not revolution.

Come and take a look at some of our work in our portfolio and if that meets with your approval let's meet up and discuss your requirements.

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