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Email Marketing

You will no doubt be aware of the value of email marketing as a promotional tool for reaching existing or new clients. If you understand the value but need help arriving at the message and/or creating the eye-catching dispatch, then as experts in email campaign management and execution, we will be able to help.

Reaching existing clients

The likelihood of successful conversion of an existing customer or opportunity (a warm lead) is significantly greater than that of a cold lead. The cost of acquisition of customers and opportunities is so high that promoting your business to your warm leads is a low cost approach to increasing sales. Marketing to “warm” customers usually has a great return on investment.

Email marketing to new opportunities

The key to sending emails to new opportunities is the identification of the recipient list, so we use experienced list brokers on your behalf to target the right businesses or people. Whether you are sending product offers to carefully selected and interested consumers or offering your services to other businesses, we are able to get the message and format right to make the campaign a success.

Analysing the results

The key to a successful email marketing campaign is being able to review and analyse the metrics to inform the next communication. This information is what we use when progressing the campaign, each time in search of improved return on investment.

Wherever you are with your email marketing campaign, we will be able to provide, advice, guidance and management to ensure you reach your customers. Contact us with your requirements so that we can help you plan the best way forward.

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