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Caring And Sharing

If social responsibility and the environment are important to you, you may be interested to know that they are very important to us too.

We donate a proportion of our profits monthly to a number of charities.
Why? Well, because we care.

They include:

WaterAid (Providing clean water)
The Woodland Trust (Protecting and expanding forests at home)
Tree Aid (Protecting and expanding forests abroad)
Centre for Alternative Technology (Sustainable living initiatives)
Oxfam (Alleviating poverty)
Sustrans (Sustainable transport)
Friends of the Earth (Sustainable living initiatives)
ActionAid (Tackling poverty)
NSPCC (Caring for children)

We like the charities above. They identify things that could be done much better and promote lasting strategies for change and improvement.

In addition, our operations are guided by an ambition to reduce our environmental impact. We purchase recycled paper for our printers and we recycle all of our recyclable waste. Your website, were it to be hosted with us, would be powered by sustainably generated electricity at the Rackspace facility, as is the electricity that we use to power our offices, which is supplied by Good Energy and 100% from renewable sources.

To grow your business ethically, call us on 01480 878 510 or complete our enquiry form.


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Caring And Sharing

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