WordPress CMS releases security update

The award winning WordPress content management system (CMS), has recently released a security update, taking it to version 3.0.4. Read on to see if it affects your website.

Some of our customers have content management systems installed, facilitating easy and rapid updating of the website content.  Different customers have different solutions.  To help you identify which CMS solution you are currently using, a WordPress installation will look like this.

If this is your CMS, then read on.  If you would like this to be your CMS because of the ease and flexibility it provides, then contact me.

I have reviewed the nature of the update, I feel that it is not critical for most of our customers, (I will be contacting those directly whom I feel it is important for)  but is certainly desirable to keep your CMS software up to date.

We envisage the update should take no more that a couple of hours to install on your CMS, so let us know if you would like us to update it for you. If you are still unsure if your website runs WordPress, or which version is used, please contact us and we will be happy to clear things up for you.

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