What must be on a company website?

Companies in the UK must include certain information on their websites and in their email footers or they will be in breach of the Companies Act (2007) and risk a fine. What should be included? 

The Companies Act requires that every company should list its company registration number, place of registration, and registered office address on its website. The information, which should be easy to find, should also appear on order forms and in emails.

This information has for a long time been required on “business letters” but the duty, in 2007, was extended to websites, order forms and electronic documents.

The following is the minimum information that must be on any company’s website:

The name, geographic address and email address of the service provider. The name of the organisation with which the customer is contracting must be given. This might differ from the trading name. Any such difference should be explained – e.g. “ABC.com is the trading name of DEF Enterprises Limited.”

I hope that helps clarify.  Don’t forget that there is other legislation in place that relates to websites such as the Distance Selling Regulations (B2C) requirements and more recent privacy legislation. 

If you need help deciding what to include in your website, then please get in contact with me.

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Nigel White
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