Does your website work on an iPhone?

You may not have an iPhone and therefore consider this a topic unimportant. However the iPhone and its stablemates, iPod Touch and iPad are very well established, between them making up 55% of mobile searches!  They matter.

So, does your website work well when viewed on one of these devices? Were you aware that the iPhone browsers don’t show Flash? Have you tested your site? Read on for more about the problems and solutions.

Does mobile matter?

Of course it depends upon your audience, but it is safe to say that for most websites, mobile visitors matter.

What can go wrong on mobile devices?

  1. The iOS platform (used on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) does not “play nicely” with Flash (animation technology) which means that if your website includes Flash, that bit will be broken, causing people to leave…
  2. Because they are often used where poor Internet service applies, e.g. mobile networks, a slow website will take forever when viewed on these devices, causing people to leave…
  3. The screen on the iPhone and iPod Touch is much smaller than an average computer screen, so objects will shrink to fit the display by zooming out. Some things maybe too small to read or require the user to scroll to see everything creating an irritating experience – more people leaving…

How do you know what your website(s) look like on these devices?

Simple, test (read: browse) your website on these devices and find out how well your website copes.

How can you improve user experience on these devices?

Apple mobile devices need you to avoid Flash and smaller devices like iPhones often require a different approach to the design of the mobile enhanced website in order to work best with the limited screen.

Here you can see a website that has at least two versions, written for different platforms/devices.  The website version for the iPhone (the small device above) is much simpler than that for the iPad (the larger device above) so that an iPhone user can easily reach the information they require.  For example, all of the shops we create have a mobile version because shops in particular can be awkward to use on an iPhone.

What can you do from here?

First, test your website(s) on various devices.  If improvements need to be made, then consider creating a different presentational style just for the mobile platform/Apple.

If you need any help with these testing, making changes or advice, then please, get in contact.

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