Your website hosting – what is included?

Ever wondered why you need to pay for website hosting or what is included?  It is a pain when a bill comes in and you are not sure what you are really paying for.  It can leave a bitter taste.  In this article I provide a comprehensive run-down of what website owners get for their money.

Website hosting

Read on for more information about our website hosting provision.

What does the website hosting fee cover?

In short, your website hosting fee provides for the availability of your website for every minute of every day of each week and every month throughout the year.  This means that when one or one hundred opportunities or customers roll up to your website, they are able to take a look round and use the site to learn more about your business and/or make purchases.  This “availability” function is vital to your business and we take it very seriously.  To keep your site live, working and responding in a timely fashion, here is a little more about what we do.

Providing more detail, we…

  • monitor the availability of your website constantly and several people receive a text message should a problem occur
  • investigate any problems with the server and its running at any time of the day or night
  • maintain your website’s server, applying software patches and fixes for known problems
  • carry out server updates/upgrades when most people are tucked up in bed
  • monitor the performance of the server and fix any identified slowdown issues
  • manage firewalls to keep unwanted attention at bay
  • keep appraised of new server weaknesses as they emerge, evaluate their impact and carry out fixes as required
  • licence and maintain antivirus software
  • backup your website every day and any databases if it uses them
  • backup the server operating system every day
  • test the restoration process from those backups
  • use the very best industry respected service providers to:
    • provide uninterruptable electricity supplies
    • pay for the licencing of the software applications required, e.g. Windows Server, MS SQL Server etc.
    • provide a secure server hosting environment with fire suppression systems
    • manage environment cooling to counter heat build up
    • provide the latest and fastest hardware systems
    • be available for 24/7 support should the need arise
    • provide the network connectivity and redundancy to ensure the server remains “online”
    • utilise RAID technologies to guard against hard disk failure


What doesn’t the hosting fee cover?

As you can see, that is quite a long list!  What we don’t then have time to cover within our website hosting service is updates or changes to our clients’ websites, the setup of FTP access/accounts, email support, the setup and support of Google Analytics, fixing problems on the website that you have inadvertently caused or support for the use of your content management system etc.  These items are separately chargeable, either on an ad-hoc basis or by monthly agreement.

I hope that is helpful.  If you have any questions about your hosting setup, please contact me on 01480 878 510, [email protected]

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