Website development for Boat Share Finder in time for the Boat Show

Social enterprise Boat Share Finder is the brainchild of Ross Smith. He is passionate about boating and has developed a website to encourage more people into boating by matching those with boats (but don’t use them all the time) to those that would like to try but don’t have one.

The business is in its infancy and the team at Boat Share Finder are working hard to raise awareness of the boat share service. The Boat Show is a key target audience and a must for the team to attend and promote at.

With the Boat Show imminent, Ross approached us to make some urgent design and key function changes to the website to ensure that website visitors  have a good experience.


Read on to learn about the time critical changes we made and how they allowed Boat Share Finder to make a great impression at the show.

Boat Share Finder have partnered with us to develop their existing website. We had identified that images on the website were extremely large and therefore affecting page load times for website visitors, especially those viewing on a mobile device. Not only does this issue provide website visitors with a poor experience, Google ranking is also affected by page load speed.

Image size affects website page load speed

The images on the website are added by those with boats that want to sell a share. The website had originally been created to allow boat owners to add any size of image and this is where the issue had arisen. Images at over 4000KB had been uploaded by the unknowing boat share seller. Images on a website should typically be around 40KB. The website needed a facility whereby images are automatically resized on upload.


Design and function changes needed quickly

To appeal to the target market, Boat Share Finder had also created a new visual design which needed to be applied to the website before the Boat Show which included a change to the website menu and navigation. We had also identified website function improvements to ensure that visitors could search for boats or register to sell a boat share quickly. All these improvements needed to be carried out in the few days leading up to the Boat Show.

All in time

Good communications allowed us to work closely with the team at Boat Share Finder and implement all the the required website updates in the short time available.

The Boat Show has proved to be a great success for Boat Share Finder, with hundreds of new boats being added by boat owners. The key function updates have allowed boat owners to register and add their boats with ease.

If you have urgent updates or need improvements to your website functionality, please let us know and we will be pleased to assist. You can call me directly on 01480 878510 for an informal chat or email me at [email protected]




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