Crosshall Marine “raise their game” – new brand, website and search marketing

Crosshall Marine invest in a new brand, website and search engine marketing. A content management system allows website content and newsletter control.

Crosshall Marine bespoke website design

So what are the project’s achievements?

Crosshall Marine is a family run business, established some 30 years, providing over 100 berths, for river boats and cruisers along the banks of the Great Ouse. Crosshall was looking to improve the profile of the business as part of a strategy to grow sales.

Has the work improved the business?

This is what Rachel Garrison of Crosshall had to say…

“In an increasingly competitive world, we all have to work harder and smarter to cover our costs and drive sales.  Making the decision to invest in our website and our brand has done several things.

  • It has re-positioned us in our marketplace, changing people’s perception of who we are and what we do.
  • It has provided our small family business with national boat sale visibility on Google and, within only a couple of months, led directly to new boat sale income.
  • It has allowed us to work more efficiently, freeing up time to focus on sales growth.

The website has resulted in a significant increase in enquires for all our services.  On moorings, we have maintained full capacity and our workshop has seen record takings.  All this has been achieved during a difficult economic period with extremely poor weather.”

How was this achieved?

Crosshall wanted to modernise the business and website image whilst retaining its business values and identity. The existing identity and website were quite dated and the website didn’t communicate effectively all the services now on offer.  The outcome of the work is a strong marine brand that has raised people’s perception of Crosshall’s quality and professionalism.

Promotion and Sales
A key ambition of the new website was to drive an increase in boat sales. We therefore worked to dramatically improve search engine visibility on a national level for boat sales and this is starting to bear fruit.  For example, searching for “Mayland Safari 21” brings the Crosshall website up in position 2 and Crosshall has already had many enquires and several sales through this route (note: search engine results fluctuate).  Crosshall did not have this national Google visibility before the new website and this improvement is starting to have dramatic sales growth results.

Before the new website, the Crosshall team were spending a lot of time typing in boat particulars twice, once for the website and once for a paper sales brochure.  The website sale pages have now been formatted to print high quality particulars for the boats, directly from the website, saving time and effort and improving consistency of appearance.

Control of content
Another important feature was content control. The website needed to allow Crosshall to amend the content (particularly boats for sale/sold and chandlery), as required.  The new website content management system is much easier to use than the old one and allows Crosshall to be more responsive, making changes to the website instantly.  The website also incorporates a professional newsletter template which can be edited before pasting into Outlook for dispatch, further raising their customers’ perception of professionalism.

Does your business have similar issues?

If you would like to discuss your business ambitions, please contact me to so that we can arrive at concrete plans for solutions.

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