Web shop users dislike a high tech experience

New research from Brandbank Retail Media has discovered that every other online consumer abandons their basket before completing the sale if they have to download additional plug-ins to view rich media features which may be being used to enhance website design.

The priority of the 2,255 UK consumers polled, was for multiple product images and comprehensive product details when making a purchasing decision.

Poor quality and slow loading video and images can be detrimental to sales. Zoom, 360-degree rotation and audio features are not seen as important by the majority of consumers and can give rise to negative experiences if they don’t work correctly or require additional downloads to use.

The only two sectors where ecommerce media rich features are more readily accepted are fashion and technology where 52% of consumers polled would use a zoom facility when buying clothing and 48% for consumer technology.

It is therefore important to know your customer and what media rich features they will actually find of benefit when making their purchase. Their purchasing experience needs to be enjoyable and lead them to your goal – a sale!

Web shop users dislike a high tech experience

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Vikky Littlewood
I have specialised in marketing in a business environment for 20 years and am a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). I work with companies to formulate their marketing strategy, helping them to achieve the best return on investment.