Save wasted money on your Google AdWords campaign

There are obvious errors that should be avoided to ensure you gain maximum return on your Google AdWords campaign, including typo-free targeted adverts based on researched keywords and a careful eye on conversion optimisation.

When customers ask us to manage an AdWords campaign that they have setup, more often than not, we see 80% or more of the click spend being wasted.

For 3 other common AdWords “spend wasters” that are easily solved read on.

Jeff Lerner from Clickz recently highlighted 3 ways to stop wasting money on your Google AdWords campaign which I have summarised below:

1. Use the modified Broad Match
Standard broad match is as it infers, too broad and you may end up appearing for totally unrelated terms, but by simply adding a + in front of the keyword you want to match, you will avoid irrelevant keyword matches but retain a broad reach.

2. If you are using the Display Network – Manage Your Placements
If you are using Automatic Placements, Google could be wasting your clicks with ineffective visibility. You should really be checking where your ads are showing and exclude certain placements – if not switch off the display network altogether!

3. Stop wasting time with advert updates – use the AdWords Editor
It can be very time consuming and difficult to make changes to  multiple campaigns, adverts and their keywords. By using the free AdWords Editor tool you can make changes offline and then update when everything is ready.

We manage many AdWords campaigns on behalf of our clients and have extensive knowledge and experience of really optimising the campaign. If you would like us to manage your campaign or prefer to do it yourself and are seeking AdWords training, please give me a call and we’ll be pleased to help.

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Karen King
I have been working in website promotion for the last 15 years and am now a Website Marketer at web2market. I am a qualified Google Adwords professional and can help advise on getting the most out of your digital campaigns. My experience includes both sponsored and unsponsored website marketing, Google Maps and link building.