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Is It Worth Running A PPC Campaign Alongside SEO
Ben Joy

Being visible within search engines is very important for most businesses these days, as it is a fantastic way to bring in new customers.  The primary ways in which you can make the company’s website visible are Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  Of the two PPC is often seen as the “easier” route to the first page of Google as it only requires you to create a campaign and then bid for your position.  SEO on the other hand takes a lot longer and is based upon a variety of criteria that Google uses to rank sites in order of their relevance to a search term, which even includes aspects such as the loading speed of your site!  Many people ask whether it is worth running a PPC campaign when focusing on SEO, or vice versa.


So let’s see what the pros and cons are and whether or not it’s worth doing.
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More Effective PPC with Local Extensions
Karen King

Advertising on Google Adwords does not need to be one dimensional, with some creative additions your adverts can become a mine of information. Adding extra information will make sure your advert is able to create a more detailed overview of who you are to searchers before they click on your advert.

Local Extensions are the perfect example of how to compete with other advertisers who, although bidding on local terms, may not be local. Showing where your business can be found will make sure that those searching locally can clearly see where your business can be found before they then navigate to your site, making them more likely to convert to a customer.  Find out how they work.
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