Stand Out to Win New Business

In the modern age everything has become a commodity, with more and more inexpensive versions of the same becoming available every day.  Companies often quickly catch up with with what others have been successful with, with many new ideas quickly becoming the norm.  You will have witnessed this every business day.  So how do you stay apart from your competition?  How do you make people remember you?


It’s simple, stand out from the crowd!

The Crowd Is Comfortable And We Like It!

Despite the fact that you and I are aware that something new, different and distinct gets attention, we tend to avoid creating things that don’t follow the conventions of what has already been done or is expected.  We are stuck in a pattern of doing what we’ve always done, ultimately producing the bland and boring.

This is because most of us don’t like being different or standing out, it scares us!  We started off life as a unique and independent individual with our own outlook on life and how things worked.  Then we were all carted off to school, presented with a standardised approach to the world and introduced to the concept of being a ‘normal’ person and told that ‘normal’ is what we should strive to be.

In this quest to be ‘normal’ we have forgotten how to stand out!

‘Not Standing Out Is The Same As Being Invisible’

The above is a statement from Tom Peters, who said that: ‘In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.’ This is because the things that make us truly memorable are the things that are different about us. Being a memorable business means that you will attract customers who will then return to you in the future, and bring their friends along with them, which is how you can build up a loyal customer base.

Fitting In Is Failing

So how can you stand out from the crowd after spending years trying to fit in?  It’s actually quite simple, just be different!  Look at what others are doing and insist on doing it better in a different way.  Use this approach in all aspects of your business, from brand to proposition to sale and beyond.

Identify the areas of your business that do not add value for a customer, business or process. Learn to challenge the preconceptions within your business and always push towards finding a better way to do things.  This may sound daunting with a high chance of failure, but if you aren’t failing every now and then, the chances are that you aren’t doing anything innovative.

When it comes to your business you need to remember the bad Bs of business: bland, boring and blending as a way of going bust.  To succeed: Stand out, think unique, valauble exceptional and exclusive.

If you have any questions about ways in which you can stand out from the crowd then do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

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Ben Joy
I have spent over 5 years studying marketing strategies across consumer and business fields. I have worked within retail and manufacturing and this experience has provided me with a broad range of marketing experience.