Could Pinterest Be The Marketing Tool You Need?

Over the past year Pinterest has developed from being a social network used by hipsters and mums into an essential marketing tool for a number of businesses.  Pinterest focuses on striking images and visuals which makes it perfect for retailers, lifestyle brands and other businesses that have eye-catching content that they want to share with an engaged and active community of potential customers.

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Is Pinterest a marketing tool that you should be using?

Who Uses Pinterest?

Pinterest has over 200,000 users in the UK and growing.  It saw a 786% increase in traffic from 901,761 visits in September 2011 to 7,985,316 visits in September 2012.  Furthermore statistics show that Pinterest is retaining and engaging users as much as 2-3 times as efficiently as Twitter.  Recently more businesses have been taking advantage of Pinterest as a marketing tool to advertise their products and services.

One example of an effective use of Pinterest is Heather Cleveland who is an interior designer.  She has Pins of various different designs, wallpapers, materials and other things that could be used as inspiration for interior designs.  This allows her clients to look through these images and select things that they like to help her to come up with a design that they will be happy with in a far shorter amount of time.  Furthermore she also states that she finds Pinterest a great way to look for inspiration herself and it gives her access to great products and designers that she wouldn’t normally be able to find on her own.

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Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is the third largest source of referral traffic and drives seven times the amount of traffic as Facebook per user.  According to a study by Convertro, Pinterest represented 17.4% of social media revenue for e-commerce sites in April 2012, up from just 1.2% in Q2 2011.  On top of this a report from Bizrate showed that 69% of online consumers who visit Pinterest have found an item they’ve purchased or wanted to purchase as opposed to 14% of those who visit Facebook.  This report also highlighted that significantly more online consumers agree that Pinterest is the best to “get inspiration on what to buy” and “help keep track of or collect things I like”.

Pinterest is a great way for certain businesses to sell their products as it provides the opportunity to use eye-catching images to draw consumers attention to various products.  Pinterest also gives businesses the ability to maintain a high level of exposure to consumers as you can Pin images over time, which will appear in the news feed of anyone that is following you.

Another advantage of using Pinterest is that every image that you pin from your site creates an inbound link to your site.  This means that not only is it easy for people to access your site but it can help to improve your natural ranking in Google search results.

Is Pinterest For You?

If you have visually striking content then yes!  But it is not necessarily what you need for Pinterest to work for you.  Ultimately you need to be uploading images that will be of interest to people so that they will re-Pin it and spread your images around Pinterest for others to find.

If you have any questions about Pinterest or need help working out a strategy to promote your business on Pinterest, then contact me on 01480 878 510 or [email protected]

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