Search Engine Optimisation Tai Chi

Finding the right balance between several factors is important for many things in life. Search engine optimisation is no different.

If you want to get high rankings on Google, Bing or other major search engines, than you have to find the right balance between on-site factors and off-site factors. Both influence the position of your website in the search results. Here we take a look at the issues.

What are the on-site factors and what are those off-site?

On-site factors refers to the elements that you can control on your web site, such as:

  • The text on your web page.
  • The number of web pages on your website.
  • The number of keywords and related keywords on your web pages.
  • The links on your web pages to other pages of your site.
  • The links on your web pages to other websites.
  • The structure of your website.
  • The robots.txt of your site.
  • The HTML code of your web pages.

Off-site factors are the ranking factors that are usually out of your control. The most important off-site factor are the links to your web site:

  • The number of backlinks that point to your website.
  • The quality of the backlinks that point to your website.
  • How often your website is bookmarked on social bookmark sites.
  • How often your website is mentioned on services such as Twitter.

Search engines determine the position of your website in the search results based on the on-site and the off-site factors of your website.

Which of these is more important for your website?

SEO Tai Chi: find the perfect balanceSome webmasters invest most of their time in on-site optimisation. Others feel that links from other websites are the only way to get high rankings on Google.

Depending on the keywords for which you optimise your website, you can achieve good results with both methods and you will get the best results for your website, if you combine both factors:

You need both factors to get good results.

If you optimise the on-site factors of your website then you make it as easy as possible for search engine spiders to find and analyse your web pages.

The content of your web pages should contain the right elements and the right keywords in the right places so that search engines know what your website is about.

Links from other websites that contain your target keywords show search engines that other people find your website relevant to a certain topic. If other people mention your website on social bookmark services then search engines know that real people like your website.

Analyse the on-site and the off-site factors of your web pages

If you want to get high rankings for certain keywords on your website, contact me to find out what changes you should make to improve your website’s  ranking performance and make it more customer and Google friendly.

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