Refreshed brand identity and website for Specnow

Specnow, based in Cambridgeshire, is a specialist company operating in the niche market of vacuum thermal processes. It has over the past 12 years developed a high quality service offering, aimed at customers requiring customised Vacuum Furnaces and Electron Beam Welding Machines.

It became apparent to Specnow that it’s company identity and website were dated and needed a refresh to provide existing and new customers with a brand reflective of the high quality of it’s work.

Planning for the future, Specnow wanted to ensure that the existing busy workload remained busy – that the offering remained relevant and attractive to their customer opportunities.

Specnow approached web2market to assist with this complete brand renewal, website creation and to pursue proactive marketing activity.

Specnow Logo

Read on to learn more about how web2market played a key role in updating the Specnow brand image both graphically and digitall

Refreshing the Specnow Brand

web2market worked closely with Specnow to identify key elements associated with its brand ambition. We explored core values and messaging. It was important that we understood the client base and what was important to Specnow in order to arrive at a new identity that mirrored this.

Logo Development

Historically Specnow’s logo and brand served its purpose but as the business and competition grew it had begun to look dated and was not as professional as its competitors. Our designer worked closely with Specnow to create an original and unique logo to appeal to both existing and potential customers which reflected the market sector whilst at the same time maintained core values. A key element of the new logo is the graphic representation of the vacuum furnace “hot zone” designed by web2market, the logo tying in with the historic colour palate used. The new branding was then applied to all business stationery.

With a new Brand Identity came the requirement for a new Website

Specnow felt the website was dated and did not meet the requirements of the current customer base. It did not display well on different screen sizes nor reflect the quality standards achieved in the companies’ products.

Key requirements identified for the new site were that it must reflect the passion and quality for the work that Specnow do, explain the services and products well, support its marketing activities and display well on all devices such as mobile, tablet and desktop. The updated site would also need to rank well on Google and other search engines with ongoing work, to promote the company to the relevant audience.

We created a unique mobile responsive site which incorporated all of the requirements and which enables us to work with Specnow to promote their vacuum furnace solutions.

Specnow Website

Specnow found it very helpful to work with web2market and identified one of the key benefits as being the support provided writing persuasive content.  Content that communicates the virtues and passion of the business.  Writing good content is not easy for many people inside the business as it is hard to see the proposition clearly from a customer perspective.

If you would like to improve your company’s brand perception and work with a partner to develop your marketing activities for the purpose of growing sales, please get in touch to discuss. You can call me directly on 01480 878 510 for an informal chat or email me at [email protected]

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