Ranking well on international search engines

If you export your goods or services, you will no doubt be acutely aware of a need to rank well in search engines within your chosen country.

Google’s results differ from country to country and there are several things you need to do to ensure that your website appears to the local audience.

Read on to find make sure you are doing what is required to get into Google abroad.

Google redirects people from Google.com to the local versions based on the IP address of the visitor.

For example, people from Germany will usually be redirected from Google.com to Google.de etc.

These people won’t see your Google.co.uk listings because Google delivers totally different search results for the same keywords in the local version. So, if you want to reach these customers, you must make sure that Google finds your website relevant to that particular country.

How to make sure that Google lists your website in the targeted country

To get listed in Google’s search results for a particular country, there are four things that you have to do:

1. Get a country specific domain name with for that country

If you want to get high rankings on Google.fr then you should have a .fr domain name. It’s much easier to get listed if your website uses the relevant top level domain.

2. Get an IP address that is located in the targeted country

If you cannot get a domain name with the right top level domain then try to get an IP address that is located in the targeted country.  This means move your website hosting to the relevant country.  If the IP address of your web server is located in Italy then Google will use this as an indicator that you’re targeting the Italian market.

3. Show Google that your business is located in the target country

If you target the French market, show your full postal address in the footer of your website if that address is located in France. Also include that address on the “About us” page of your site.

4. Create country specific web page content

If you’re trying to sell something in Denmark, it is obvious that your web page content should be in Danish.

Do these 4 steps and you will dramatically improve your chances of being listed in Google’s results for a particular country.

If you would like help with this, or you have other search engine objectives, please contact me.

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