Google’s Enhanced AdWords and what it means for you
Karen King

In February Google published a blog which outlined changes to how AdWords works.  All AdWords campaigns will become Enhanced Campaigns and the way in which they are set up and managed will change.

The idea is that searchers will receive results that are more relevant to them based on the time they are searching, their location and the device they are using. This will allow you as the advertiser (or information provider) to speak with more  intent and relevant context, at the right time.  Read on to find out what these changes mean for you.
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Website Updates for FLAC UK to Demonstrate Credibility and Scope
Vikky Littlewood

FLAC UK works with clients from a variety of industries and the company wanted to convey this positively on their website to reassure prospective clients, demonstrating quality of service and professionalism.

Clients page

A new section dedicated to FLAC’s Clients has been created which groups the clients by market sector.  This new page demonstrates the extensive range of industries that FLAC UK works with and the calibre of clients the company supports.

I can help you to find new and valuable ways to communicate with your existing and potential clients.  Please call us to find out more.

Contour Autocraft launch third website to complete business vision
Vikky Littlewood

Contour Autocraft have launched the third and final website which completes the business vision to differentiate and target three separate markets.

Taking a step back from their traditional business model, Contour Autocraft saw that they would complement their portfolio by re-engineering their offering and targeting new audiences.
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How the Internet Can Save the High Street
Vikky Littlewood

You may well be aware of the recent ‘Portas Review’ (after Mary Portas) which was a Government-sponsored report on how the save the High Street.  It’s a free report which you can view on the Government’s website.  Whilst it recognises that the internet has completely changed the way in which we shop, it doesn’t consider using the internet as a tool for growth and stability.

The majority of people shopping for products and services in High Streets today have access to the internet and can choose whether to purchase online or research products and services to buy ‘in-store’, with ease.  Digital is now a big part of the shopping experience, so you should be using it to your advantage.

How can digital help your High Street business?
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What were you doing on Boxing Day?
Nigel White

Some of you will have seen the news that “Boxing Day was the busiest day ever for ecommerce in the UK”.  If you did, what was your take on it?  Was this a positive digital milestone or a sad reflection of our society?
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