Forward Composites of Huntingdon launch new business website
Vikky Littlewood

Newly formed company Forward Composites of Huntingdon had a requirement for a new website to showcase its capabilities in carbon fibre design and manufacture.  Coming from a management buy out, Forward Composites retained years of valuable experience from existing staff which needed to be clearly communicated on their website to provide customer confidence and reliability assurances.

A clean modern design has been developed to fit with the new brand which sets them apart from their competitors, ensuring that clients know they are a professional company with many years of experience and great industry knowledge.

Website design for Forward Composites in Huntingdon

The new website is fully scalable and has been created with a selection of informational pages which will be added to over time as the business grows and changes.  The use of some high quality photography enhances the look of the website and has allowed a strong visual outcome which is easily recognisable.

If you have website design ambitions and require a strong visual outcome please get in touch and we will be able to make that happen!

What Should Your Business Spend on Marketing?
Nigel White

Many businesses struggle to arrive at a clear figure for the annual marketing budget.  How much should your business be spending?  0.5% or 15.0% of turnover?

One of the reasons it is difficult to set the budget is because there is no “right” answer, every business and market sector having different requirements.  Read on to find out how your business can arrive at a figure.
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Avoiding lost sales from a poor on-site search tool
Nigel White

We have all been there.  “I know this information or product is on this website, but can I find it?  I know, I’ll try the on-site search.”  And then nothing useful comes up!  This is a frustration that people all over suffer single every day on millions of websites.

Is the search on your website behaving as the user expects?  Your enquiries and sales depend upon it.  Have you asked users to test it?  Learn how to inexpensively ask people to test your website search for you.
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Search engine optimisation after Google’s Panda
Karen King

Many search engine optimisation (SEO) advisers for the last few years have been working hard on inbound links.  This work for many has often been a numbers game and more links has usually been seen as a good thing, people often relying on very poor quality “link farms” to get the numbers up.

That was where Panda came in – to right the wrongs of the spammy inbound links.  So how do websites that have suffered the wrath of the mighty Panda, bounce back?
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Ideas for improving in-store sales by using online approaches.
Nigel White

I was reading an interesting article the other day about how shops on the High Street need to work with the threat of the Internet rather than fall victim to it.  The article focussed on the behaviour of some people who come into the shop try products and then use their smartphones to compare prices online with a view to making a purchase on  the cheapest website.  So called “showrooming”.

Some of the advice from the article was well made so I have distilled the better points.
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