The need for a mobile version of your shop site

Mobile commerce, although still a minority activity, is showing signs of strong growth. Over the 2010 Christmas period, 8% of online shoppers made a purchase from their phones, up from just 2% for the previous Christmas.  Mobile optimised shops needn’t be expensive. 

Why do mobile devices matter?

Recent statistics show a surge in visits to mobile sites around Christmas, and while just 8% actually made a purchase from their mobile, many more used their phones for product research. 32% accessed a retailer’s website via mobile over Christmas and a further 32% plan to do so in future.

iPhoneOf these, 47% used their mobiles for checking prices, 34% for product comparison, 20% to look up product details, and 15% looked for user reviews.

Of customers using their mobile while in stores, 67% accessed that retailer’s website, while 26% visited a competitor’s site, and 18% headed for a price comparison site.

Providing the best mobile user experience is something that retailers need to be focusing on because by making your mobile sites easy to use your site will be the site customers prefer to use.

A good mobile site can have a knock-on effect elsewhere. Shoppers who have been satisfied with a mobile site are 32% more likely to buy online from that retailer, and 31% more likely to make a purchase offline.

What are the benefits?

  • Increased sales – exposure to customers who are away from their computer means sales to customers who won’t wait until they get home to make their purchase
  • Website of choice – some websites on a mobile are painful to use, make sure yours is the site of choice
  • Appeal to your affluent audience – 42% of mobile Internet users earn over £40,000 a year
  • Keep up with the competition – if you don’t have a mobile site and they do, you are giving them a head start in this expanding sales channel
  • Relatively low development cost – a mobile site need not be expensive

What now?

Investing in a mobile website does not have to be very expensive.  For example, our web shops provide you with a mobile optimised site straight out of the box!  In 2011 it really doesn’t make sense to create a web shop without a great mobile user experience.

If you would like to find out more about mobile websites, please contact me now.

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Nigel White
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