Is your online customer service good enough?

With more and more of your customers using websites to enquire, research and possibly purchase, it’s important to ensure that they experience the same level of customer service as if they were physically in front of you.

A recent survey by Netop has found that customers want to connect online with a human customer service representative.

Many people don’t want to pick up the phone but would rather remain online.  Telephone customer services with lengthy hold queues are cited as the most irritating method with emails a close second, as the customer has to wait for a reply.

How can you provide great customer service online?

The solution to this problem is sometimes “live chat”.  Live chat allows a customer to ‘talk’ to  a real person immediately. There’s no delay in communication, no dialects to mishear and messages can be understood quickly. A customer that is dealt with quickly and efficiently will be a happy customer. Links can be passed to the website visitor enabling them to review what they are looking for and an attempt at a “sale” can be made.

The research highlighted that many customers would prefer to use live chat functionality if it were available on a website, but currently only 7% of British websites have the facility. Of those questioned in the survey, over one quarter felt that live chat would be used heavily if it were available.

Live chat functionality can assist with overall customer experience if implemented effectively – naturally there must always be someone available sitting at a computer!

If you are looking to improve your customer experience and would like more information on how live chat can benefit your business, please give me a call on 01480 878510.

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Nigel White
My career has given me insights into large and small businesses across many sectors. Academically, I have a MA (Strategic Marketing) and use this understanding to provide consultancy and advice to all clients I work with. Very high on my agenda: needs analysis, service, and quality.