Mulberry Private Healthcare launch new website as part of a marketing plan to promote their new facility

Mulberry Private Healthcare provide a dedicated private patient ward for elective patients, from both the local and international market, requiring surgery.

With a wide variety of surgeries available and a highly talented staff of Consultants and Surgeons, Mulberry Private Healthcare compete with similar private healthcare facilities in the local vicinity and further afield.

website for Mulberry Private Healthcare

With a 7 bed ward to fill, Mulberry Private Healthcare required a new website and supporting marketing approaches to launch the facility and brand to ensure business objectives were met.

Learn how Mulberry Private Healthcare utilised Grant Funding to subsidise the cost of their new website and online marketing below.

The Communications team came to us with an outline of content and images that they wished to include in a new website to promote the business.

The visiting audience is looking for reassurance, experience, capabilities, pricing and facilities.

After taking time to understand the situation and requirements of the various visitors, we began with a site map, thinking about the content that needed to be within the site, ensuring that all the information required within the website was easy to reach and in logical locations.

Updating the website

Mulberry Private Healthcare intends to make regular changes to the website with the addition of more information on procedures available and the Consultants/Surgeons.  They needed the website to contain a content management system to allow them to grow the website over time in-house.  These regular information updates to the site will not only help visitors make a decision on where to have their surgery, but will also help with Google ranking.

Website updates made simple

Visibility on Google

Although located within Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Huntingdon, Mulberry Private Healthcare is an entirely separate business and had a desire to market itself as such.  They would eventually like to see their own website ranking above that of the hospital for their services. Whilst an Organic approach to improved search engine positioning is desirable, Mulberry Private Healthcare are well aware that this is a long term strategy and will take time to achieve. To ensure visibility on Google for key services, they have engaged in Google AdWords pay per click (PPC) campaign to help meet their sales targets.

Utilising Funding

Occasionally we identify funding initiatives and are pleased to introduce to them our clients where we can.  A grant for digital projects and services  funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) allowed Mulberry Private Healthcare to apply for up to 40% of the cost of the project.  This saving has been invested in the marketing of the website.

Meeting Objectives

As with any business, Mulberry Private Healthcare has sales objectives to meet in order to improve profitability.  The website is a part of the overall communications plan and we are helping to drive customers to it through online approaches including PPC and Social Media.  Mulberry Private Healthcare will also be developing literature with us for offline channels, such as brochures and leaflets.  You can visit the site here:

If you are finding it difficult to achieve your growth ambitions, get in touch and we will help you plan your marketing effectively.  Give me a call for an informal chat on 01480 87810.

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