Mobile and tablet paid search clicks up 180%

Last year saw a large increase in the UK for the number of clicks on paid search adverts (e.g. AdWords) on mobile devices. This observation has been made in a recent Marin Software report where they investigate the reasons for this growth.

Read on to find out why tablet and mobile is looking so attractive.

Why spend on tablet and mobile?

The report identifies that tablets and mobiles engage with people better (have higher click through rates (50% or more)), similar conversion rates and lower costs per conversion.  This makes the platform quite attractive to the Pay Per Click advertiser.

Essential to this approach to convert a visitor to customer status (proceed to a sale/enquiry), the searcher really needs to click through to a website that has been created/adapted/styled for mobile/tablet use.  It may be that what the surfer wants on a mobile device is an easy ride because the device itself is quite awkward to use.  If your site is difficult to use and not focused toward the mobile user, then people will leave and go to one that is.  A mobile user is less tolerant or websites that work poorly because, let’s face it, surfing on a phone is hard work.  If the user has a bad experience, then they will go and look for a website that gives an easy experience.

Whether you require an ecommerce mobile application or a fully optimised mobile website, we can help you ensure that when visitors do click through to your website, they can locate what they are looking for quickly and complete their activities easily.

Please call me for help or advice on mobile search and mobile websites.

Econsultancy’s David Moth has all the figures here.

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