Loch Ness Ferry Company see 25% ROI on Google’s Product Listing Adverts

Online outdoor clothing business Loch Ness Ferry Company has recently adopted Google’s Product Listing Adverts (PLA’s) and seen a significant increase in traffic to their website and whopping 25% return on their investment.

Earlier this year Google updated a widely used product, the free “Google Products” service, more widely know as Google Base, and replaced it with the paid Google Shopping service. I am referring to the shopping results shown below that are accompanied with an image of the product.  You may have seen them on Google.

Loch Ness PLA's

Read on to learn more about how the listings have changed and how they can help you realise more profit.

Loch Ness Ferry Company had previously seen consistently good traffic and sales from the free listings but opted to stop using the marketing approach once Google started to charge.  Unfortunately, the knock on effect of stopping this route to market reduced the amount of traffic to company website and they saw a dip in sales, so LNFC decided to test the effect of the new paid-for listings.

Reason for Google to make the change?

To the searcher there appears to be little change in these image driven adverts until you click on them, but the previously free model used by Google Products was a breeding ground for under-maintained product feeds giving searchers outdated and inaccurate information on products they were looking to buy. Changing this to a paid service and integrating it with AdWords (you don’t need to be running an AdWords campaign) to create Product Listing Adverts (PLA’s), has resulted in a more accurate and competitive marketplace.  Positive spin over, Google’s other motivation will of course have been to generate yet further income.

The result for Loch Ness Ferry Company has been huge. Traffic to their website had dropped off but with the new listings they have seen visits rise by 84%. This increase in traffic has led to a significant increase in sales, resulting in a 25% return on investment.

If you have products to sell and haven’t yet tried the PLA approach, now is the time to do it. Let your target market see your products in the Google Shopping area and plan for an excellent return on your investment. Just give me a call or email me at [email protected] to set up your PLA’s and get ready for your increase in sales.

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Vikky Littlewood
I have specialised in marketing in a business environment for 20 years and am a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). I work with companies to formulate their marketing strategy, helping them to achieve the best return on investment.