More Effective PPC with Local Extensions

Advertising on Google Adwords does not need to be one dimensional, with some creative additions your adverts can become a mine of information. Adding extra information will make sure your advert is able to create a more detailed overview of who you are to searchers before they click on your advert.

Local Extensions are the perfect example of how to compete with other advertisers who, although bidding on local terms, may not be local. Showing where your business can be found will make sure that those searching locally can clearly see where your business can be found before they then navigate to your site, making them more likely to convert to a customer.  Find out how they work.

Below you can see an example of a Google AdWords PPC advert with Location Extensions added to it.

In the image below you can see that the avert “plusbox”, which conceals the address unless the searcher requests it,has been extended and a map of the address is now visible.

The advert with local extensions added now takes up a considerably larger area on the page enhancing the advert making it stand out from the competition. Potential clients can now see where to find your business before they have clicked through to your site, hence eliminating the cost of a click for those who consider you not to be local to them.  No charge is made to the advertiser if only the map is shown and so providing this information to searchers before they click through to your site will mean a more targeted, pre-qualified click.

Where and how your advert appears depends on the device used by the user. If you’ve enabled location extensions in your Google PPC campaign and your business information is eligible to appear within the advert placement, this information will be shown with your advert. This may also include a business address and telephone number depending on where the advert appears. For searches from mobile devices, Google may also show the distance between the user and your address if a user has opted into sharing their location.

Of course it is imperative that the local information you provide is accurate and up to date as it is being seen with your adverts. A little extra time and effort is therefore required to make sure that Local Extensions are productive to your PPC campaigns. Businesses with multiple addresses also have options to add different addresses to each of their relevant local campaigns.

If you are interested in improving your online marketing with Google Adwords PPC and would like more information on how to enhance your campaigns for local searches please call me, Karen at web2market, for a chat.

If you have already benefited from adding Local Extensions to your AdWords Campaigns please share your experience with me, I am always pleased to hear about how Google improvements have affected an advertiser’s conversions.

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Karen King
I have been working in website promotion for the last 15 years and am now a Website Marketer at web2market. I am a qualified Google Adwords professional and can help advise on getting the most out of your digital campaigns. My experience includes both sponsored and unsponsored website marketing, Google Maps and link building.

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