River Cruises on the Mississippi for Light Blue Travel of Cambridge

We have recently been working with Light Blue Travel of Cambridge on its website to add a new holiday section.   The work has required us to adapt the website to cater for a new type of holiday, that of  river boat cruises.  Light Blue Travel has previously  focussed on villas and hotels and so needed a new format to be  developed to cater the requirements of cruises – that of providing information on travel itineraries.

Once we worked out a plan for the layout of the new cruise pages, we made the corresponding changes to the content management system that allows Light Blue Travel to update the website.  Light Blue Travel then input the new holiday information and the new, extended website, was launched.

We have worked with award winning specialist travel agent Light Blue Travel of Cambridge for 8 or so years now, helping the agent modernise its brand, promote its holidays to new customers and providing LBT with a website and content management system to keep the holidays current.  Light Blue travel is a specialist travel agent of 20 years standing, offering high quality leisure and business travel services.

If you have ideas for growth and need to improve communication with your target audience, please give me a call and I will be pleased to assist.  Take a look at further recent work for clients.

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Nigel White
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