Improve your e-commerce performance with visitor analysis

The online retail market is expected to double in the next five years (according to a recent report by Forrester [expected to be worth €40 billion by 2014]), and to ensure that this opportunity can be fully realised, retailers need to ensure their website is performing at its peak.  Retailers must improve website experience through better segmentation and targeting, focusing the experience towards the customer and removing any negative encounters.

Customers are increasingly intolerant towards slow loading pages, complicated payment processes and poorly designed websites that seem to ’hide’ important buying information.

It is vital that retailers fully understand their customers.  Individual needs and preferences must be met and this relies on access to visitor and buyer data. Website usability can then be refined to reflect the needs of consumers more effectively and weaknesses in the customer’s purchasing journey can be identified and improved. 

Craig Whiston, Head of Client Services at Coremetrics, offers a guide on improving website performance in 5 points:

  1. Get your designers and developers and marketing and sales to talk more!
  2. Establish and monitor a variety of key performance metrics
  3. Analyse the customer journey (paths) to determine website weaknesses
  4. Organise the website products and solutions and analysis around the customer
  5. Constantly review and adapt

Read the full article and more information on these 5 points on the Netimperitive website.

If you feel that your website could better maximise conversions and sale values, or you need help analysing your visitors and making improvements please contact me.

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Vikky Littlewood
I have specialised in marketing in a business environment for 20 years and am a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). I work with companies to formulate their marketing strategy, helping them to achieve the best return on investment.