Improve the look of your Facebook Business Page

If you are a Facebook business page user we would like to share with you a new feature which can improve the look of your Facebook page.

Previously the profile picture for your Facebook page has been cropped to a thumbnail to be used next to each of your posts. Whilst you were able to move the area to be cropped from the main image this was of little use when trying to use a company logo or image of a venue.

Facebook Scale to fit profile picture for business pages

Facebook have now added a “scale to fit” function which will make your image fit within the thumbnail in its entirety. This can make images very small but it is useful for company logos and images that do not work well as a cropped image.

If you would like to change your profile image to see if the scale to fit works better for you follow these simple instructions:

  • Sign in as your Facebook page admin
  • Go into the edit menu – by clicking edit page in the top right hand corner
  • Select Profile Picture – from the left hand side navigation list
  • Click on “edit thumbnail” under your profile image

Using the "Scale to Fit" feature on Facebook business pages

  • Tick the “scale to fit” box

Business page profile picture new feature

  • Save and return to your page to check the results.

Making changes to your profile image will change the image alongside all existing posts as well as putting it on your future posts.

Facebook Scale to fit profile image feature for business pages

If you are unhappy with the “scale to fit” image you can simply return and uncheck the box.

We hope that this information is of use to you in your efforts to create an easily recognisable social network presence for your business and we will keep you updated with other features that may be of use to you.

If you would like any help with optimisation of your Facebook page, adding features, creating further pages or have any queries about how to make changes or increase your Facebook pages visibility please do not hesitate to contact me, Karen King, on 01480 878510.

Clients who already have Facebook maintenance contracts with us will have seen this and other relevant changes to their Facebook pages have already been implemented.

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