How to increase conversions

Getting people to your site is one thing.  Getting them to buy/convert on their first visit is another.

But should you expect them to buy on the first visit?  Often not.  Often their first visit is just part of their research journey.  They are still deciding what and if to buy, and your site, because you market it well, popped up and they visited… before leaving.

“Why didn’t they buy?”  you ask as you review your website stats.  Because they have not yet made the decision to buy is often the answer.  They are still researching.  The timing is not yet quite right.  They may not make a decision for a few hours, days or weeks.  Remember, the buying process is quite often very complex, involving research such as visiting shops, reading reviews, choosing options, oh and saving up!

So, the question is often not, “how can I get the visitor to buy?”, but “how can I get the visitor to return when they are ready to buy?”

So, how can you encourage your first time visitor to return to your site (or possibly your physical shop) when they are ready?

Well one way is to provide an incentive to the first time visitor.  e.g.

First time buyer incentive

“We will email you a 15% voucher code for your first purchase on our site.  Please fill in your name and email address.”

or possibly:

“Please fill in your name and mobile number.”

Of course the incentive does not need to be a discount.  You may think of a more suitable incentive(s) other than a discount.

The communication will need to be sent as soon as the visitor has filled in the form (the timing may be right!) and perhaps at some time(s) in the future e.g. after 3 days and after 2 weeks, providing them with an option to stop the reminders.

As we all know, timing needs to be right, and for many people on your site, the time is not yet right for them.  You just need them to return to your site when it is!

If you want any help setting up this type of arrangement or thrashing out other ideas, then please contact me.

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Nigel White
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