Google gives search engine ranking tips

Every now and then, Google engineers talk to website owners about improving the ranking of their website.  Recently, Maile Ohye, from Google (Developer Programs Tech Lead) shared some quick tips on her Google blog, to point people in the right direction with their search engine optimisation (SEO) work.

I thought you might find them useful – beginner and advanced.


Include relevant words in your copy:
Try to put yourself in the shoes of searchers. What do they type when looking for your business? Your business name, location, services, products, are important. Use the same terms in your site that your users might type (you might be a trained “flower arranger” but most searchers would type “florist”!).

Keep the site fresh and relevant:
Keep content up-to-date and consider options such as building a social media presence (if that’s where a potential audience exists) or creating an ideal mobile experience if your users are often on-the-go.

Use Webmaster Tools:
Help Google communicate with you, especially when they notice something awry with your site.  Google will send you an email from your Webmaster Tools account if your site has problems.  (For most of web2market’s search engine promotion customers, I have already set up and use Webmaster Tools.)

If you can, drive excitement:
Natural links, +1s, likes, follows… In every business there’s something compelling, interesting, entertaining, or surprising that you can offer or share with your users. Provide a helpful service, tell fun stories, paint a vivid picture and users will share and re-share your content.


Be smart about your HTML “tags” and site architecture:
Create unique Title and meta description tags; include Rich Snippets markup from where appropriate. Use intuitive navigation on your site and good internal links.

View the Google blog here

If you would like to optimise your website and don’t know where to start, or would like a SEO review, please let me know and I will be happy to help. You can call me on 01480 878510 or email us.

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