What were you doing on Boxing Day?

Some of you will have seen the news that “Boxing Day was the busiest day ever for ecommerce in the UK”.  If you did, what was your take on it?  Was this a positive digital milestone or a sad reflection of our society?

Apparently, UK consumers spent 14 million hours online and made 113 million visits to online retail sites on Boxing Day, an increase of 17% from 2011.  I didn’t know there were that many hours in the day.  It must have been exhausting – poor things.

Hadn’t they had enough of shopping?  They had just had a solid month of it.  Have they forgotten how to play Monopoly or Charades?  Perhaps these people had mislaid their Monopoly under all the discarded wrapping paper they had not had the time to put into the recycling bin and were urgently trying to purchase a new copy. 

Who was doing the washing up on this festive day?  Perhaps there wasn’t any washing up because they were too busy shopping to eat the leftover turkey or ordering Pizza.

So what was all the online fuss?

Experian’s stats show that early discounting was one of the main reasons for the increase in visits online, with one in every 125 searches conducted in the UK including the word ‘sale’ or ‘sales’.

The top sales search term was ‘Next sale’, ‘Debenhams sale’, ‘Marks and Spencer sale’ and ‘John Lewis sale’. 

There was also a large increase in mobile traffic with the number of consumers using a mobile device to visit a retailer’s site reaching 30.72%, up from 19.8% on Boxing Day in 2011.

So what this coming year?

It appears that I have missed a great opportunity for yet another bargain.  Never again.  Who needs to strike up conversation with the relatives or identify opportunities for human kindness.  Pah, not me.  This coming Boxing Day, I will set my alarm to get up before I go to bed, and make sure I am not the one missing out.

What will you be doing?  Please make an effort to join me this coming Boxing Day to see if we can’t increase the figures on last year.  Now that will be a news item to be proud of.

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Nigel White
My career has given me insights into large and small businesses across many sectors. Academically, I have a MA (Strategic Marketing) and use this understanding to provide consultancy and advice to all clients I work with. Very high on my agenda: needs analysis, service, and quality.