A Simple and Free Way To Get Customer Feedback

One of the more important aspects of business is customer retention. It is a widely held belief that it costs more money to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an old one. The best way to retain customers is to keep them happy, and to do that you need to get feedback from them.

Through the use of a free and easy to use tool you can keep track of your customer satisfaction.  Learn about our suggested approach.

Use Surveys to Acquire Customer Feedback

Google Forms is a free survey tool that allows you to create as many surveys as you would like, which can be filled in by an unlimited number of people, even via mobile devices. Google Forms also provide a wide variety of question formats, which allows you to ask many different kinds of questions to get the feedback that you need. When the survey is completed by someone all of the results are instantly fed into a Google spreadsheet, saving you time! You can then review the level of satisfaction amongst your customers and see if there are any areas of your business that could be improved. You could also use Google Forms to create surveys for carrying out market research before releasing a new product or service. These surveys can be shared with your customers for completion in three different ways:

  • Linking – post a link to the specific survey that you would like people to complete
  • Embedding – embed the survey into a website, blog and/or Google+ page
  • Emailing – email a link to the survey to the people that you want to complete it.

Why Use Google Forms Over Other Free Survey Tools?

There are many other free survey tools as well as Google Forms that could be utilised in a similar manner. However; Google Forms not only makes creating surveys easy, it also provides many features that are not available with other free survey tools:

  • No Limit to the number of surveys you can create, or how many people can fill them out
  • Multiple question formats, including some not available with other free survey tools
  • The choice of receiving an email notification after someone has completed the survey
  • Form fields pre-populated with any information previously provided by the customer
  • Only free tool with logic branching, choose which questions appear based on previous answers

Nothing is Perfect

Whilst Google Forms is a highly effective survey tool, especially for a free one, it does have some limitations.

With Google Forms there is no restriction on how many times an individual can fill out one of your surveys, which for use as an order form is not an issue, but in some cases this could be a problem. Having said that you can track the email from which a response to your survey comes from, meaning you can check for duplicate emails if you don’t want duplicate results.

You are also unable to format the text in any way, nor can you alter the alignment of the questions (left or right), which in no way affects the functionality of the survey.

There’s More That Google Forms Can Do For You

With the range of question formats that Google Forms provides and the fact that all results from the survey are fed directly into a spreadsheet there are a number of other ways that they can be used to help your business. For example:

  • An order form – internally to order supplies or lunch, or externally as a simple method of carrying out ecommerce
  • To gather information about people at a meeting or conference, or as an invite with a simple method to RSVP
  • As an application form, allowing easy comparison between applicants

Keeping Your Customers Happy

In order to keep your customers, you need to know what they think of you and understand their needs.  Google Forms is a low cost way to achieve that.

If you have any questions about using Google Forms, creating a survey and sharing it with your customers, please contact me at [email protected] for assistance.

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