Tips for Effective Landing Page Organisation
Vikky Littlewood

Whilst the design of your landing page is important, the actual organisational layout is key to creating a page that converts well. That is, the visitor takes the action that you want them to.

You need to make sure that you emphasise the right message and actions, but take care not to over do it. Elements that are too large and obvious can often be ignored by visitors. This is known as banner blindness. The visitor sees the message as an advert and ignores it.

website design content layout

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Improve the look of your Facebook Business Page
Karen King

If you are a Facebook business page user we would like to share with you a new feature which can improve the look of your Facebook page.

Previously the profile picture for your Facebook page has been cropped to a thumbnail to be used next to each of your posts. Whilst you were able to move the area to be cropped from the main image this was of little use when trying to use a company logo or image of a venue.

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Longer or shorter copy in my marketing?
Nigel White

When we work with clients to produce websites or printed marketing material, we are always looking to optimise the marketing collateral to increase business.  The website or brochure is of course usually made up of a mix of pictures and copy.  Looking to achieve the optimum length of copy to maximise enquiries/sales usually prompts the question “should I use long or short copy?”  To this we always reply “yes!”

Long copy has its place as does short – it just depends…  Take a look at our guide.
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How to increase conversions
Nigel White

Getting people to your site is one thing.  Getting them to buy/convert on their first visit is another.

But should you expect them to buy on the first visit?  Often not.  Often their first visit is just part of their research journey.  They are still deciding what and if to buy, and your site, because you market it well, popped up and they visited… before leaving.

“Why didn’t they buy?”  you ask as you review your website stats.  Because they have not yet made the decision to buy is often the answer.  They are still researching.  The timing is not yet quite right.  They may not make a decision for a few hours, days or weeks.  Remember, the buying process is quite often very complex, involving research such as visiting shops, reading reviews, choosing options, oh and saving up!

So, the question is often not, “how can I get the visitor to buy?”, but “how can I get the visitor to return when they are ready to buy?”

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What must be on a company website?
Nigel White

Companies in the UK must include certain information on their websites and in their email footers or they will be in breach of the Companies Act (2007) and risk a fine. What should be included? 
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