Could Pinterest Be The Marketing Tool You Need?
Ben Joy

Over the past year Pinterest has developed from being a social network used by hipsters and mums into an essential marketing tool for a number of businesses.  Pinterest focuses on striking images and visuals which makes it perfect for retailers, lifestyle brands and other businesses that have eye-catching content that they want to share with an engaged and active community of potential customers.

Pinterest Search Example

Is Pinterest a marketing tool that you should be using?
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Is Search Engine Optimisation a Dying Discipline?
Karen King

For many years now Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been used whilst attempting to improve the search ranking of a website in Google (and other search engines’) search results. However, the principles of SEO have gone through changes as Google updates the algorithm that it uses to rank sites for a given search. Following these updates over the last few years there are many that believe that SEO is becoming a thing of the past and that the work effort required to beat Google search has become unattractive due to the cost.

It is true that the changes Google has made have led to a dramatic change in SEO. Learn about these changes and the new approach you need to take.
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Bettaland of Peterborough using Twitter
Vikky Littlewood

We have added a Twitter feed to the Bettaland website.  Bettaland are based in Peterborough and turn thousands of peoples waste into compost and then sell a variety of compost related products.  To improve and streamline communication with their customers and allow them to stay in touch, we have added to their website, a feed from their Twitter account.  It allows new and existing customers to become aware of the Twitter service and sign up to benefit from new information quickly.

Twitter provides Bettaland with a quick way to to advise customers of their latest products  and promotions and to provide useful information of benefit to their customers.  Providing useful information to their customers will ensure their customers will want to remain Twitter followers, keeping the marketing channel open.  You can visit the Bettaland Peterborough website for your garden products here.

If you would like to learn more about how Twitter can improve your customer communication, please give me a call.

Improve the look of your Facebook Business Page
Karen King

If you are a Facebook business page user we would like to share with you a new feature which can improve the look of your Facebook page.

Previously the profile picture for your Facebook page has been cropped to a thumbnail to be used next to each of your posts. Whilst you were able to move the area to be cropped from the main image this was of little use when trying to use a company logo or image of a venue.

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