Do you comply with the new Cookie Law?
Vikky Littlewood

The news has been flooded in recent days with information about the EU Cookie Law which came into effect on the 26 May.

Our January article highlighted details of the guidelines for Cookie Compliance from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

At the time it was required that your website(s) needed ‘explicit consent’ from visitors to your website, for the use of cookies, however today the ICO has moved to change this and now ‘implied consent’ is acceptable.

This means that websites can assume visitors have consented to their use of the cookies, provided they are ‘satisfied that your users understand that their actions will result in cookies being set’.

Read on for the updated guidance on implied consent.

Call us for Cookie advice

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New informational website for Greenfield Software with support forum
Karen King

New informational website for Greenfield Software to promote credibility and professionalism, with a support forum to address client issues and create an information centre.

Greenfield Software website

How to ensure your Social Media campaign is effective
Vikky Littlewood

Engaging in Social Media can be a daunting prospect. It’s fast paced, changing constantly as new tools emerge and time consuming.

However, by adopting some key habits when planning and executing Social Media strategies your effectiveness can rapidly increase.

Your Social Media plan

Read on to find out how 7 habits can help you to form your future Social Media effectiveness.
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Logo development and a new website for STG following strategic business review
Vikky Littlewood

Logo development and new website for STG. A bespoke design with clear calls to action to improve the visitor experience and website enquiries to achieve the business growth ambitions.

The website creation process was preceded by a full strategic business review to understand where the business was and where it intends to be – the outcomes of which shaped the website style and content. Our on-going marketing activities are allowing us to provide STG with targeted marketing approaches e.g. Facebook, SEO and Pay Per Click.  This work is subject to regular review and adjustment to achieve the best results.

stg website design

Is your online customer service good enough?
Nigel White

With more and more of your customers using websites to enquire, research and possibly purchase, it’s important to ensure that they experience the same level of customer service as if they were physically in front of you.

A recent survey by Netop has found that customers want to connect online with a human customer service representative.

Many people don’t want to pick up the phone but would rather remain online.  Telephone customer services with lengthy hold queues are cited as the most irritating method with emails a close second, as the customer has to wait for a reply.

How can you provide great customer service online?

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