Bing search engine beyond ignoring

Microsoft’s Bing has recently teamed up with Yahoo in both the sponsored (pay-per-click) and unsponsored (natural/organic) listings and are now taking around 24% of organic searches.  The Bing AdCenter now shows ads on Bing and Yahoo, so is Bing is probably worth engaging with. 

On the sponsored front

The official switchover of Yahoo to AdCenter is due to complete later this month but a significant portion of traffic has already started migrating from Yahoo. We’ve seen traffic gradually increasing since mid-July and for several weeks now traffic has made up about 10% of total Bing traffic.  The benefit for advertisers here is that there will be one system to advertise on both Bing and Yahoo, saving much duplication of effort.

On the unsponsored front

In the four week period ending 2nd October 2010, Bing powered search received 23.64 percent of searches for the month with Yahoo! Search and Bing receiving 13.54 percent and 10.10 percent, respectively.  Rather than just looking at how well you are ranking on Google, it is probably time to take your ranking on Bing more seriously.  When did you last take a look at that?

What to do now

If you aren’t using search to drive new business yet – then now may be the time to start.  Do it yourself or let web2market do it for you.  It really is the most cost effective route to market for most businesses.

If you would like further information about online marketing, visit the link above, or contact me to discuss.

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