Who’s on your site right now – Analytics in Real Time

Towards the end of last year Google made some interesting changes to the available data in Google Analytics.

Through Google’s “Real Time (beta)”, you can see exactly how many visitors are on your site right now! This extends to where in the world they are visiting from and what pages they are looking at. It’s fascinating and can be extremely useful for an immediate view of activity on your site.  For some of you, this information may prove depressing (sic) but better that you know the status quo.  Then you can do something about it!

You can use the real time information to get instant feedback on an email or a Tweet. By tagging the links within your communication, you will be able to see how much traffic each channel is driving to your website, as it happens. You will also see when these visits cease which will help you understand when to reengage.

Whilst the information is not additional to what you can pull out through standard reporting, it is current which it was not before. Standard reports usually show data that is around 4 hours old.

In order to enjoy the best possible experience you need to view your Analytics in Internet Explorer 9 or Chrome.  To test the application, you can watch yourself browse your website (if your IP address has not been blocked).  When you have carried out a test we recommend that you do block your own IP address for more meaningful figures.

If you would like to add Google Analytics to your website or discuss how you can use the information to assist with your website promotion efforts, please give me a call.

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Vikky Littlewood
I have specialised in marketing in a business environment for 20 years and am a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). I work with companies to formulate their marketing strategy, helping them to achieve the best return on investment.