Conversion Rate Optimisation Crucial to 59% of Businesses’ Digital Marketing Strategy
Ben Joy

A recent study carried out by Econsultancy and RedEye has shown that 59% of businesses see Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) as being a crucial part of their overall digital marketing strategy, with a further 31% seeing it as ‘quite important’ and 9% seeing it as ‘important’.  Put another way, 99% of businesses see CRO to be important to some degree whilst only 1% see it as ‘not important’.


So what is CRO? and why is it important?
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Funding for manufacturers from MAS
Nigel White

I was until recently unaware of the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), but last week attended an innovation seminar where I learned a little about them.  If your company manufactures and you would like support to grow and improve your SME business, then the MAS might be a good place to turn.

They offer free analysis and advice on business improvement and in addition to that, match-funded financial support for up to £3,000 (50% of the total project cost).  There are a whole host of eligible projects including business strategy,  cost reduction, marketing, design and development, IP rights and many more.  You can learn more about the MAS here

Title (not provided)
Karen King

Way back in 2011 Google made changes so that some of the search terms visitors used to find your website would not appear in Google Analytics, you will have instead seen a number of (not provided) entries on your keywords reports.  The number of (not provided) keywords has been steadily increasing since this change was made, with significant increases in this number causing some to predict that no keyword information will be provided by the end of this year.

(not provided)

Find out what affect, if any, this will have upon you and your website.
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Could Pinterest Be The Marketing Tool You Need?
Ben Joy

Over the past year Pinterest has developed from being a social network used by hipsters and mums into an essential marketing tool for a number of businesses.  Pinterest focuses on striking images and visuals which makes it perfect for retailers, lifestyle brands and other businesses that have eye-catching content that they want to share with an engaged and active community of potential customers.

Pinterest Search Example

Is Pinterest a marketing tool that you should be using?
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Sponsored Marketing
Karen King

After reading one of my many Marketing Blog Posts a writer for a Peterborough Business Magazine, Business Moment, approached me to contribute to an article aimed at explaining the many different aspects of Digital Marketing. Along with two other Marketing Experts we tackled three of the most popular areas of Online Marketing.

I was asked to write specifically about my main area of expertise, Sponsored Marketing, and so I based my part of the article on the use of Google PPC advertising and working with a Marketing Agency you can trust.

business moment blog image

Within this article I covered:

  • The definition of Sponsored Marketing
  • How to get started with your Sponsored Marketing?
  • How much should you be spending on Sponsored Marketing?
  • Working with a Marketing Agency you can trust
  • How to know how effective your Sponsored Marketing has been?

You can find the article in the September 2013 issue of The Business Moment Magazine.

If you would like more information about how web2market, as a Full Service Marketing Agency, could help you with your Sponsored Marketing please do email me.