Mulberry Private Healthcare launch new website as part of a marketing plan to promote their new facility
Vikky Littlewood

Mulberry Private Healthcare provide a dedicated private patient ward for elective patients, from both the local and international market, requiring surgery.

With a wide variety of surgeries available and a highly talented staff of Consultants and Surgeons, Mulberry Private Healthcare compete with similar private healthcare facilities in the local vicinity and further afield.

website for Mulberry Private Healthcare

With a 7 bed ward to fill, Mulberry Private Healthcare required a new website and supporting marketing approaches to launch the facility and brand to ensure business objectives were met.

Learn how Mulberry Private Healthcare utilised Grant Funding to subsidise the cost of their new website and online marketing below.
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Ranking well on international search engines
Karen King

If you export your goods or services, you will no doubt be acutely aware of a need to rank well in search engines within your chosen country.

Google’s results differ from country to country and there are several things you need to do to ensure that your website appears to the local audience.

Read on to find make sure you are doing what is required to get into Google abroad.
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Getting the homepage of your website right!
Nigel White

Anyone can design a home page, right?  I don’t just mean visual design, I mean a design that achieves the functionional requirements of a home page.  Homepages should engage a “conversation” at three basic levels.

Home page needs

Meet and greet the visitor, connect with them and direct them to what they are looking for.  It may sound simple, but it is the difference between a site that works well to convert people to leads and sales and one that does not.  Read on to see some sites doing it well and some doing it badly!
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John Lewis fined for email marketing. Are you operating within the law?
Nigel White

John Lewis has recently been prosecuted and fined over sending spam emails.  They didn’t have their email marketing house in order and so crept over the lines of the current EU legislation.

Email marketing

Are you toeing the line with your email marketing?
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All Cambridgeshire Businesses – Grant Funding Opportunity to help Grow Your Business
Nigel White

Good news if you are trying to achieve business growth but need a helping hand.  There is a pot of funding available through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for digital projects and services which you may well be eligible to take advantage of.

Grant funding is available for up to 40% of a digital project.  That’s £4,000 on a £10,000 project!  This funding will cover a number of approaches to increase turnover, such as a new website, new website capability, application development or digital marketing.

take your business further

Read on for eligibility criteria and how to apply to take advantage of this great opportunity.
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