Should your images be BIGGER?
Nigel White

Are your landing page or product page images big enough to get the best conversion rate?  Some marketers test image size, for all types of sites, including B2B, ecommerce and media.

BIG Images

I’m not talking about allowing your visitors to click to enlarge images.  I’m talking about blowing up the size of the most important image on your page so it’s much bigger.

Here are two very different examples of research.
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Avoiding lost sales from a poor on-site search tool
Nigel White

We have all been there.  “I know this information or product is on this website, but can I find it?  I know, I’ll try the on-site search.”  And then nothing useful comes up!  This is a frustration that people all over suffer single every day on millions of websites.

Is the search on your website behaving as the user expects?  Your enquiries and sales depend upon it.  Have you asked users to test it?  Learn how to inexpensively ask people to test your website search for you.
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Google’s Enhanced AdWords and what it means for you
Karen King

In February Google published a blog which outlined changes to how AdWords works.  All AdWords campaigns will become Enhanced Campaigns and the way in which they are set up and managed will change.

The idea is that searchers will receive results that are more relevant to them based on the time they are searching, their location and the device they are using. This will allow you as the advertiser (or information provider) to speak with more  intent and relevant context, at the right time.  Read on to find out what these changes mean for you.
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Contour Autocraft launch third website to complete business vision
Vikky Littlewood

Contour Autocraft have launched the third and final website which completes the business vision to differentiate and target three separate markets.

Taking a step back from their traditional business model, Contour Autocraft saw that they would complement their portfolio by re-engineering their offering and targeting new audiences.
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Increasing engagement by reducing website friction
Nigel White

Website owners are looking for ways to increase customer interaction, be it increasing conversions in a web shop, or “simply” encouraging people to make contact.  It is all about making it easy for people … and reducing their anxiety.

Increase engagement by looking at this visual run through of high friction web pages. 
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