Loch Ness Ferry Company see 25% ROI on Google’s Product Listing Adverts
Vikky Littlewood

Online outdoor clothing business Loch Ness Ferry Company has recently adopted Google’s Product Listing Adverts (PLA’s) and seen a significant increase in traffic to their website and whopping 25% return on their investment.

Earlier this year Google updated a widely used product, the free “Google Products” service, more widely know as Google Base, and replaced it with the paid Google Shopping service. I am referring to the shopping results shown below that are accompanied with an image of the product.  You may have seen them on Google.

Loch Ness PLA's

Read on to learn more about how the listings have changed and how they can help you realise more profit.
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Mobile Shopping is ahead of Desktop – do you need to get mobile?
Vikky Littlewood

We have spoken about mobile websites before and how it would only be a matter of time before shopping on mobile devices would overtake that on Desktop PC’s.

A recent study (by Millenial Media and comScore) has confirmed our suspicions and reported that mobile shopping now accounts for 51% of consumer online shopping time.

The 51% is split between smartphones and tablets at 37% and 14% respectively.  Wwhilst the PC is in decline it is being supported by consumers who often start their shopping experience here and move across to other devices later on.

With the fact that by 2015 nearly every human being will have a mobile device it will be increasingly important that your business can be accessed through this medium.

Mobile statistics

Find out how your consumers are using their mobiles and how you could be missing out on sales.
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40% of consumers don’t notice Google AdWords are paid for
Karen King

Some people do not see the value in using Google AdWords for advertising their business online. A recent study shows that many people are completely unaware of the difference between paid (AdWords) and organic search listings, and a significant number of people regularly click on the adverts.

In this article, we will take a look into how Google AdWords is far more effective than you might think.
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A Simple and Free Way To Get Customer Feedback
Nigel White

One of the more important aspects of business is customer retention. It is a widely held belief that it costs more money to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an old one. The best way to retain customers is to keep them happy, and to do that you need to get feedback from them.

Through the use of a free and easy to use tool you can keep track of your customer satisfaction.  Learn about our suggested approach.
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Bettaland of Peterborough using Twitter
Vikky Littlewood

We have added a Twitter feed to the Bettaland website.  Bettaland are based in Peterborough and turn thousands of peoples waste into compost and then sell a variety of compost related products.  To improve and streamline communication with their customers and allow them to stay in touch, we have added to their website, a feed from their Twitter account.  It allows new and existing customers to become aware of the Twitter service and sign up to benefit from new information quickly.

Twitter provides Bettaland with a quick way to to advise customers of their latest products  and promotions and to provide useful information of benefit to their customers.  Providing useful information to their customers will ensure their customers will want to remain Twitter followers, keeping the marketing channel open.  You can visit the Bettaland Peterborough website for your garden products here.

If you would like to learn more about how Twitter can improve your customer communication, please give me a call.