Have you overlooked the value of a blog?
Vikky Littlewood

Do you think that social media revolves around Facebook and Twitter? Many companies think that they need to be seen to engage in the latest social media platforms, usually because that’s what the competition is doing.

However, please be reminded that blogs (or web logs) are a form of social media and in fact provide the food for social media networks.

For those of you still uncomfortable with the definition of a blog, it may be useful to think of it as news.
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Integrated Facebook Social Shop allows Traditional Nursery to reach new audience
Vikky Littlewood

Traditional Nursery promote their new ecommerce site with search engine marketing.  Their web shop integrates with Facebook Social Shop, allowing the website to reach a new audience and grow the customer base.

Facebook Social shop

PEME’s new brand & website create confidence and professionalism
Vikky Littlewood

PEME launch new website incorporating new brand to create confidence and professionalism. Clear navigation and calls to action to improve customer experience, fully supported with SEO for market growth ambitions.

peme brand and website design

Convert “abandoned baskets” to Sales with Remarketing!
Karen King

In the world of online selling, keeping “abandoned baskets” as low as possible is something to be strived for, but as we have said in a previous post – not everyone is ready to buy.

If only you could reach out to those whom, for whatever reason, left your site and encourage them to return to make that purchase. Read on to see how AdWords Remarketing, a Google PPC tool, gives you that opportunity.

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Traditional Nursery see the launch of their traditional toy web shop
Vikky Littlewood

Traditional Nursery see the launch of their traditional toy web shop.  Headed up by 3 month old Georgia and supported by Google AdWords, we are sure that the venture will go from strength to strength.

Ecommerce website for Traditional Nursery