New website for See Cambridge Differently
Vikky Littlewood

New website for See Cambridge Differently, featuring an illustrated design reflective of their bespoke, slightly quirky tours. Incorporates content management system.

Cambridge website design

Surfing using mobile devices set to soar
Vikky Littlewood

According to a recent study by ComScore there has been an 87% increase in the use of smartphones and tablets to access online retail sites.  In another very recent survey by IAB, 20% of American mums use their phone for shopping.

Whilst not everyone intends to buy in this way, those that choose to are actually finding that they can’t. For example, in the luxury brand market, mobile-optimised sites are few and far between, with less than one third offering mobile commerce functionality at all. Possibly a little short-sighted since it’s this audience who are more likely to own and purchase using mobile devices!

With mobile sales expected to increase five-fold over the next 5 years, is your site able to take advantage of this growth?
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Crosshall Marine “raise their game” – new brand, website and search marketing
Nigel White

Crosshall Marine invest in a new brand, website and search engine marketing. A content management system allows website content and newsletter control.

Crosshall Marine bespoke website design

So what are the project’s achievements?
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Save wasted money on your Google AdWords campaign
Karen King

There are obvious errors that should be avoided to ensure you gain maximum return on your Google AdWords campaign, including typo-free targeted adverts based on researched keywords and a careful eye on conversion optimisation.

When customers ask us to manage an AdWords campaign that they have setup, more often than not, we see 80% or more of the click spend being wasted.

For 3 other common AdWords “spend wasters” that are easily solved read on.
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Do you comply with the new Cookie Law?
Vikky Littlewood

The news has been flooded in recent days with information about the EU Cookie Law which came into effect on the 26 May.

Our January article highlighted details of the guidelines for Cookie Compliance from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

At the time it was required that your website(s) needed ‘explicit consent’ from visitors to your website, for the use of cookies, however today the ICO has moved to change this and now ‘implied consent’ is acceptable.

This means that websites can assume visitors have consented to their use of the cookies, provided they are ‘satisfied that your users understand that their actions will result in cookies being set’.

Read on for the updated guidance on implied consent.

Call us for Cookie advice

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